How Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery Work

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery around 2/3  part of the stomach is removed. We remove the “ fundus” which is outer part of the stomach. The “fundus” has a number of functions including a role in the regulation of appetite. We know that at least “Ghrelin” is produced here,  this hormone has a major role in appetite regulation and helps in the level of blood that means you feel less hungry. The second metabolic effect is the feeling of fullness of stomach or satiety person gets after a sleeve. This is because the stomach empties quicker and hence stimulates the release of fullness hormones as the food hits the small bowel. These hormones are very important in the way a sleeve works. Some of them are also very important in blood sugar regulation, which may explain the effect on diabetic patients, which helps to improve his metabolic process.


  1. The patient can walk 6 hours after the surgery.
  2. Can go home in just 2 days of surgery.
  3. Can resume his routine duties within 3 days of surgery.
  4. This surgery is almost painless.